Ellen Hines
Artworks in Mixed Media

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Hi Ellen, long time no see I’m sitting in my mum’s hospital room with my brother Brendan. My 95 year old mum is dying of cancer. I saw some of your paintings and I love them. They are just you. Please contact me if you feel inclined. I’m also on Instagram.
Anne Browne (Walsh) - 26 Feb 2023
Ellen: We bought your piece, Mexican Blues, through the Reach Child and Youth Development Society auction. We just love your use of colours and style! So much about this piece reminds us of van Gogh's 'Chair'
Tracey Shelley - 19 Aug 2020
I am the proud owner of two of Ellen's paintings and love them both. It's really the first time I was compelled to buy original art and I am happy I did. Thank you, Ellen, for your creations which bring joy to others!
Diana - 5 Oct 2018
dear Ellen,i have loved you and your art, since i first met you in Jasper, a few moons ago! brenda
brenda (Bezanson ) Picard - 5 Jul 2016
How wonderful to see your art, Ellen. Although I have not seen you for many years now, I feel like I have have shared a wonderful part of your journey through these paintings. Hope to connect with you in person as I now live on Salt Spring and commute to Vancouver regularly.
Wayne Melvin - 20 Aug 2014
I see the talented artist in you. I like the elephant.
Sakina Jah - 19 Dec 2013
A truly lovely website of your work. Every piece portrays it's own magic. Well done my friend.
Trudy LaBarge Holmes - 19 Jun 2013
Am I ever surprised to see so many of your paintings on the computer! I wish I could see them in person. Perhaps I would buy one.
Barbara Plumb - 10 Mar 2013
Your artwork is cool. Should put up some of your earlier pieces too. Congratulation's on your web site.
cousin Diana - 7 Jan 2013
Nice work Ellen. Continue to live your creative dreams.
Sandra King-Allikas - 23 Dec 2012
Congrats Ellen! Looks great, keep up the great work, 'cause I love your animal portraits.
Kara Barkved - 21 Dec 2012
Very nice Ellen! Well done.
Nigel Cole - 20 Dec 2012
Very moved by your compelling paintings! What an outstanding, uplifting web site!
Iona Ghiloni - 20 Dec 2012
Love your new website , your paintings are beautiful.
Lyne Renaud - 20 Dec 2012
I am enchanted by your work,my dear Jubilee friend. ... and so very proud of you for puttig yourself "out there"... cyber hugs to you!!
Jan Smith - 20 Dec 2012
Looks really nice Ellen, All the best.
Jim Soules - 20 Dec 2012
Beautiful artwork, Ellen! You really do seem to capture the spirit of the animals you paint. I love your bright, cheerful colours.
Sharon Hamilton - 20 Dec 2012
Great site Ellen! I love the look of your paintings on the screen.
Liette Kjorvel - 20 Dec 2012
I'm so proud of you, you are an amazingly creative, sensitive caring person and that all shines through your paintings, Congrats on your achievements so far and remember to paint like no one is looking!
Lea Price - 20 Dec 2012
How exciting for you, Ellen! Was so nice to see you and the rest of the Jubes in Jasper last June. We look forward to viewing your beautiful paintings here!
Brenda Zinck - 20 Dec 2012
Ray Syrja - 20 Dec 2012
Beautiful, Ellen! Bravo! I love the soft colors in your paintings. Congrats on your new website! xo
Lucie Walker - 19 Dec 2012
What a pleasure to view your wonderful art, Ellen! Congratulations on your new website! I plan to visit often!
Janet Woods - 19 Dec 2012
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